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Drain Cleaning

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Our founders, Cathy & Scott Burrows have worked in the mechanical industry in the DFW area for over 25 years. In fact that is where they first met volunteering on the North Texas Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) board of directors, helping to improve the trade industry.  Promoting education, training and safety for contractors were key objectives in their role with the association. The importance of education, training and safety remain in our core values today.


After many years working in Corporate America they took early retirement with the desire of offering tailored services to both homeowners and commercial business owners who are tired of impersonal service companies selling to the masses. 


Seeking to understand should be the first and foremost objective when taking a customer’s call for help. For example, it’s not just unstopping a drain, it’s revealing the root cause of the problem and addressing it in terms of a long lasting solution. We will never undervalue the importance of asking the right questions and then LISTEN to you, our customer!


“I use SNBC for all of our residential plumbing needs. The TOP QUALITY service and conscientious work is what sets them apart from other plumbing companies! Finally someone that actually listens, what a concept.”

- Kelly B.
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